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All About Black

Black; A color of extreme depth. It is a color which may not even be defined as a color by some, all depending on the particular person. It all depends on what they think a color really is. Relating to the secrecy and mystery of the world and its people, black talks of the concealed, buried and unseen. It has both negative and positive representations and is evidently symbolized for both. The color can be the total opposite for different cultures, ethnicities and religions. It is beautiful, however confusing, how a single color speaks of so much.

Grief, power and strength

No matter how different and opposite some connotations are, they continue to be represented by the same color. For some people, black is the color of grief, mourning and death. For them, wearing black at happy occasions is very offensive. It is only worn at funerals and other events in life that seem to be gloomy. Yet for others, the color speaks of class and elegance. It is worn to impress and overpower the rest in a room. It represents strength, power and seriousness.

Rebellion and Evil

For the youth, however, black is usually chosen to showcase rebellion. When teenagers are transitioning to adulthood, many of them start wearing and adoring black. This normally stops when adulthood is reached. Though, if it doesn’t, things may be more serious. Too much of it may cause depression. Apart from this, the color speaks of evil and darkness too.


Even in fashion, there are different things for what the color is used for. For some, black represents class and sexiness. It is used to impress people and look absolutely stunning. It talks about power and wealth. Almost every female owns a little black dress and wants more of them. (If you are one of them and are looking for gorgeous LBDs, use the Miss Selfridge Discount Code and get them at marked down prices)

While for others, black talks about invisibility. They drown themselves in black from head to toe in order to achieve a degree of invisibility. They absorb inside the crowd, all hidden. For such people, the color speaks of their lack of confidence and insecurities. They don’t want to be seen and believe that the color hides them and minimalizes everything about them. You can drown yourself in all black attires without spending a lot by availing the Miss Selfridge Promo Code

Whatever it is that you believe black stands for, you ought to have at least one all-black apparel in your wardrobe. Be sad, powerful or invisible, but be it in style. All the pictures of dresses that we have used are from Miss Selfridge. If you happen to love any of these, you should avail the Miss Selfridge Voucher Code and get it at marked down prices.

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