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Determine the Personality Of A Person By Looking At Their Shoes

Your personality can be determined through various things. These may range from the way you talk and walk to what you prefer wearing. A lot of people like to be able to analyze others with these things before they get close or emotionally invest in a particular person. Now that we are talking about shoes, it reminds me of something. You can grab some gorgeous shoes at slashed off rates using the Jones Bootmaker Discount Code.


People who love to wear flats are said to be very generous, humble and focused. these females do not care about what people have to say or think about them. All they care is about the work they do and the comfort level they are in. They like doing all the work while feeling at ease.

High-heeled Boots:

Tough and strong-minded, girls who prefer high-heeled boots will usually be seen taking control of a crisis. People tend to feel safer around these females. They are confident and like being in control. These females will most probably never fail to voice their opinions about matters they deem necessary.

Work Boots:

Females who are usually seen around wearing work boots are planners and control freaks. They love to plan ahead and have an extremely analytical approach to life. They always want to be in control of whatever life throws at them and thus, are always planning ahead of time. These females are practical and always with a plan, or lots of plans. “Better be prepared for any other obstacle that even has the slightest chance of turning in to a reality.”


Pump shoe wearers are quite the definition of boss women. They are competitive and people are often seen to be intimidated by them. This usually happens to those who can’t keep up with the fast pace of these women. Usually, these women are the most mature. They are thoughtful, well-organized and influential.


They say females who prefer wearing wedges are insecure. These women want to appear taller without having to go through the discomfort heels bring upon them. Despite their insecurities, these females are graceful and know how to carry themselves. They are inviting and warm.


Whatever these women do, they do it as perfectly as it is possible. They are driven by detail and very responsible. You can entrust them with anything and everything, they will always try not to let you down. Females who prefer wearing loafers are all about “what you see is what you get.”

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