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People usually tend to think that wearing top of the line dresses made from the most world renowned brands will make them look good or even make them shine among the crowd in any occasion. When in reality even the most fabulous of dresses can lose their gleam when mismatched with an incorrect pair of footwear. Owning a ton of shoes is what every women desires, because not only does it make their closet look brimmed up with the best footwear. But it also provides them with a variety of options to choose from when dressing up for a specific occasion.

Shopping for the perfect pair of shoes is a struggle that every woman has faced once in their lifetime and if you’re one of those woman that find it difficult to buy the right shoe for the right occasion. Then you’ve stumbled across the right place so without further ado let’s talk about the 5 perfect pair of shoes that every woman must have in their closet for every occasion.


Flats are a mom’s best friend, because this specific footwear is so versatile that you can pair it up with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses without losing that feminine look of yours. The shoes are also great for running errands, playing with your kids and are even the perfect pair for you to rock at your workplace. By wearing flats to work not only would you feel more comfortable but you’ll also be able to pull of that professional aura of yours in front of your colleagues. Making this an essential footwear for you to have in your closet.


Let’s face it! Sneakers have become a trend that is loved by all, because not only does one get a variety of different options in this particular footwear item. They also get a chance to pull off their weekend casual look without having to strain their feet. If you love to feel comfortable as you walk around the streets on a weekend; or if, you want to look good in that casual dressing of yours. Then this is the perfect footwear essential for you to have.


Okay, aside from the flats as mentioned above these are also the most versatile shoes, a women can have. When you’re wearing a classic pump paired with the perfect dress, it doesn’t matter which place you might be planning to go. Be it a church, party or even work, these shoes will definitely make you shine like a star at any occasion. Plus if you are to use the Ego Discount Codes from the website you can even get this perfect pair at an astoundingly low price too.


Might be a little expensive than the other pair of shoes on this particular list but the perfect partner for your winter designer outfits. You can easily pair them with any of your favorite jeans or any dress that you might desire to wear in the winter season. A pair of boots will always make you feel like a rock star no matter the place or occasion. Making this, an essential that you just can’t say no to as you head out to shop.


Last but not least, the perfect pair of shoe that is a must for every woman to have in their closet is a pair of sandals. Since we’re all allowed to wear flip-flops for comfort and tend to buy a ton of them, the similar thing applies to a pair of sandal. You can easily slip them on under a nice dress or a short skirt of yours and they’ll still make you look stunning without a doubt. Just choose the perfect pair of sandal while keeping your dresses in mind so you don’t end up with another mismatched clothing disaster.