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Easter is almost upon us, and most of us can’t even seem to comprehend the fact about how fast this year has gone by. As adults Easter might not be as meaningful to us as our kids. Which is why even if it’s a few weeks a way they have started to remind us about the glorious day of Easter. With a single chant, that is

“We want chocolates, let the feast of chocolate begin”

And as adults it’s kind of funny and adorable. But then again it is an event for the kids to enjoy. That is until we stumble upon an amazing fact on how some countries enjoy Easter through their various celebrations. So, without further ado let’s just get into talking about some Unique Easter Celebrations throughout the world.


Hungary has a unique tradition called “Sprinkling”. Happening on a traditional Easter Monday the event comprises of boys sprinkling water, cologne, and perfume on a women’s head and then later on ask for a kiss from her.

Certainly a type of celebration that involves playfulness and a tad bit of mischievousness for both the adults and the kids.


Despite of being crazy football fans, Brazil holds nothing back when celebrating the Easter Holidays. In Brazil they truly have a crazy tradition that sure helps an individual let out their frustration.

By creating straw dolls of Judas (an apostle that is commonly known for betraying Christ) and hanging it out on every street posts and lamps to beat up. This is by far one of the most enticing Easter Celebration that you can be a part of this year.

Though Easter for the Brazilians is not about showing aggression, they also have a carnival at the end of lent which is known as “Sabado De Aleulia,” and portray the true passion of Easter by enjoying a fancy meal with everyone.


Now Easter in Sweden is kind of like Halloween and bear with me for a second hear before judging. In Sweden the kids dress up as witches wearing long skirts, colorful hand scarves and to top it all off they paint their cheeks red. Think of it as Halloween but instead of those scary costumes it’s more like a friendly environment as they walk through the streets.

And unlike on Halloween where kids go to different houses to get candy. In Easter they show their artworks and painting in a midst to score some delicious candy eggs from the neighbors. Which is actually quite sweet if you think about it.


Saved the best for last, Czech Republic by far has one of the most interesting Easter Tradition among all. The tradition is as follow. On Easter Monday the men in this republic create a whip made from willow and decorate it with ribbons just to spank the women.

Now this might seem like a fun tradition but it also has quiet a brief history behind it. Which states that willow is the first tree that blooms in the spring season, and its branches are supposed to transfer the trees vitality and fertility towards woman. Which if you think about is actually a pretty interesting fact to ponder on.
Well that’s it for today, these are the few countries that probably have the most amazing Easter Traditions a person might imagine. Plus the Easter Deals are also amazing in these countries. Aside from the playfulness and joyous mementos of adult enjoying the Easter. We still shouldn’t forget about the kids as they search for some satisfying candies from you this year, so if you’re looking to purchase some delicious candy to give away then why not utilize the Tesco Easter Eggs Deals. You might not get to experience the joy of the Easter Celebrations that happen in these country but at least with the Tesco Easter Egg Deal you can still bring a joy to the kids’ faces and save a great amount of money. Making it a win win situation for both you and them.