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Polo shirts are probably the most comfortable brand of clothing apparel that every men must have stacked in their closets. These short-sleeved collared shirts usually consist of two or three buttons placed near the neck and are most commonly knitted with soft fabrics or natural synthetic blends. Most of the Athletes like golfers & tennis players always take a liking for these shirts. Because it’s easy for them to move in this article of clothing while they play.

But that’s not the only thing these shirts are good for, Polo Shirts also make a great daywear for all the individuals that love to incorporate a tad bit of professionalism in their outfits. Since there are a ton of options currently available in the market when it comes to shopping for polo items. Here are our top 5 picks you should definitely store up in your closet for this summer season.


Made from a mix of polyester and cotton, the Nautica classic short sleeve polo shirt is a must have for all seasons. It has a comfortable and stylish fit and it is also available in a wide variety of striped color options, for you to utilize on both your workdays and even on your days off. The best thing about this shirt is that the fabric is moisture-wicking, that helps you stay dry and comfortable even in the most sweltering heat.


For all of those that look for a little bit of versatility in their clothing apparel. This shirt is the perfect choice for them, made from 100% pure polyester this shirt offers both the comfortability and a subtle herringbone design that can be paired with any attire you desire. Since the sleeves of the Cuba Vera are a tad bit longer than the one on the Nautica, with some wooden buttons near the neck to add a little summer flair. You can easily tuck in the shirt and use it for your everyday office wear or can even pair it up with some linen shorts & sandals as you head out to the beach.


If you’re looking for a polo shirt at the minimal amount of cost expenditure. Then this shirt is the right choice for you, it offers you with the same comfortability and durability as the other shirts on this list. Alongside a versatile pocket in the front, which is a convenient feature missing from the other shirts that are mentioned.


Made from a blend of Cotton, Polyester & Elastin, this shirt is both moisture-wicking and it also helps you keep dry in the hottest of days. If you look for a clothing fabric that’ll still be worth wearing even if it’s worn out then this brand of Polo Shirt is just the right choice. You can pair it up with khakis and chinos for a classic cleaned up office look or you can even pair it up with a pair of jeans for a casual appearance outside of work. Making this shirt a versatile piece of clothing apparel that one just can’t refute on.


If you’re the type of person that loves to participate in sports, then this is the polo shirt of your dreams. Made with 95% polyester and 5% Elastin for extra stretch. This polo shirt is the perfect fabric for you to have on as you head out to any event that involves sports. The shirt is also embedded with anti-odor technology that helps you stay dry no matter how hectic your sports routine might be.
These are only a few of the most popular polo shirts currently circulating around the market nowadays. Although the prices on these shirts might be a little steep, but once you attain them, these shirts will stay with you for a long time. If you wish to get a great amount of deal on these shirts then you can also head on down to the Cruise fashion store online. Because currently they are offering a massive sale on all these products and you can easily avail them by using the Cruise Fashion Discount Code, or you can just visit amazon to purchase these items.