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Having a backyard to spend time in, to cheerfully play with your kids, to host barbecue parties with your friends and to plant some veggies & fruits in, is something that we all desire. But most of the time aren’t able to do so, because the current house one has bought either comes with a concrete backyard, or no backyard at all. Causing a hindrance on all the above-mentioned plans you wanted to experience, and if you’re lucky enough to get a greenish & lush lawn. Then another trouble might accompany it, and that trouble is none other than the fact in how to maintain that backyard. Owning a yard is one thing; it came with the house. But maintaining it, keeping it crisp and clear to host parties or to grow a nice shade of grass, is something entirely different and costly too if we might add.

You could easily hire a professional gardener to completely revamp the look of your backyard if you can afford it, but if you can’t afford one, then don’t worry. Because today we’ll be going through some ideas that’ll help you completely change the look of your favorite spot to hangout and relax in. Yes! We’re going to be talking about a few ideas that can help you truly bring out the best look of your backyard and we’re also be going to talking about, how you can do it, under a pretty steep budget. So, without wasting time, discussing other things. Let’s jump right into the topic.


Before we dive into talking about how you can use low-cost mulch alternatives to get a luscious garden for yourself. Let’s talk about what mulch actually is, since most of you who maintained a garden beforehand will have an idea about mulch but for those that are completely new into the gardening world, mulch is something you spread across your garden to keep the soil moist and retain water plus the seeds for quite a while. It helps the plants grow at a fast pace and is also nourishing to the soil since no birds can pluck out the seeds or no insects can harm your garden.

Now, that you know what mulch is let’s talk about the type of mulch you can use to create the perfect garden for yourself. Usually when you purchase mulching items from the market they can cost you a ton of money, but you can actually make mulch for yourself from the things you have at hand too, those things include.

Grass-Clippings: Grass-clippings can be the easiest one for you to utilize, just head on out to your backyard and start mowing or raking your grass. Once you’re done with that just spread all of the excess waste you usually throw out on top of your flower beds, not only will it help nourish the soil. But it’ll also bring out the unique texture of grass and flower, highlighting your flowers in the eyes of anyone who passes by.

Leaves: One of the best mulch alternative you can come by, shredded leaves are not only cheap but also help nourish your plant too, plus you can easily find them anywhere or just make them yourself by cutting a branch from a rejuvenated tree.

Pine-Needles: Easy to spread around your garden, and well not an easy thing to come by. Though it might be a low cost mulch alternative, the downsides to it are quite a lot, making this alternative a gamble.

Compost: if you can make your own compost then it’ll surely be a nice way to help your plants grow, but if you can’t you can easily by it at any farmers market for a cheap price, just be sure to spread the compost around evenly, too much layers can hinder the growth of your plants.

Newspaper: Done reading your weekend paper, don’t let it go to waste your newspaper can turn out to be a great mulching alternative, just spread it out on your ground and water it, the paper will quickly turn soggy and just blend in with the soil in a few minutes creating the perfect sheet of cover for your soil.

Stone: A choice of mulch that’s absolutely beautiful to lay on top of your soil as cover, but it might be less effective for some plants. So, make sure to check online if you’re plant is capable in growing under a stone mulch.


When it comes to transforming your garden, adding a bunch of flowers and vibrant plants aren’t the only thing a person should use, sometimes adding a completely out of the place item can also bring out the best in your garden and when it comes to adding an out of place object. Old tires can be the perfect companion. Since, you’re revamping the garden on a budget an old tire is the perfect object you should opt for, it can easily be availed at your nearest tire shop for a few bucks and can usually be found from a scrap yard at an even lower cost, here are some ideas you can use to completely change the look of you garden with an old tire.

  • Fill it up with soil, add some ottomans or petunias and hang it around your fence with an old rope to create a beautiful artistic decorative piece.
  • Stack and stagger some tires, to create a stair case of your plants running up your garden.
  • You can even use the bigger tires to create a handmade pond for some fishes and other marine animals.
  • If you have kids then old tires in your backyard can also make for a pretty fun tire wall too, just bind them with a rope and hand it across from one pole to another. An instant play house right in your backyard.


Another way to spice up your backyard is by adding a vertical garden to the environment. Now, people that usually have a huge backyard wouldn’t really find adding a vertical garden as a necessity to increase the beauty of their garden. But for those that have to work under a tight space, the backyard vertical garden is perfect. Not only will it help save space but will also add a touch of simplicity as well as beauty to your walls and or fences. Vertical gardens are easily purchased from any super market or a variety of online store that offers garden accessories. Such as ASDA George, but it doesn’t come in cheap. You can use the ASDA George Discount Code to get it at a pretty low cost, then again why waste money on something you can easily create on your own.

Here are a few DIY ideas to help you create your very own vertical garden.

  • Wooden ladder, terracotta pots, and a wire to add that rustic touch on your vertical garden.
  • You can fill up old paint cans with soil and hang them by a rope across your fence.
  • A hollowed out glass frame, with stuffed soil and a mesmerizing flow of your choice, hung by the ceiling.
  • Stretching out some vines across your fence and pinning them down, can also create a beautiful vertical garden effect.


Aside from decorating your backyard with certain objects, sometimes splashing a bit of color in every corner can also bring out the best in your garden. If you truly wish to revamp your garden and turn its surroundings into a place with serene ambience. Then colors are just the right thing for you, start by painting those old fences of yours and slowly move towards the chairs and tables. Move on to painting your planted pots, this’ll give your garden a more contemporary look for you to enjoy. You can even use the leftover paint to create a beautiful painting on the sides of your fences or mounted tires to make them shine among the kids & the adults.


Since when will you keep heading out to grocery shop, the best thing about a backyard garden is that you can pot some useful plants to help you save a ton load of money. Imaging getting ran out of tomatoes, onions or potatoes while cooking and then making a trip to the grocery store. Well, by planting vegetable plants like this you wouldn’t have to face troubles like this every again. You could easily head out and pick those ripe veggies straight from your very own backyard. If you’re looking for a place to purchase the plants to grow these vegetable then you can also get them at a great discount by using the ASDA George Voucher Code, but this isn’t even the best part.

The best part about planting useful plants right in your backyard is that you’ll be saving a ton of money and will also be waking up to everything fresh and they’ll also be a great addition in brightening up your gardens look. It’ll be like killing two birds with a single stone.



The best thing about having your very own backyard garden is that you get to experience the cold winter nights sitting near a heart and body warming fire. If you truly wish to enhance the look of your backyard and are keen on saving money at the same time then, a fire pit is one of the best choices you can hop for, it’s super easy to build. It has many uses and can also help increase the beauty of your backyard in a matter of seconds. Plus in the winter season this fireplace will surely be your true companion as you sit beside it with your loved ones with a coffee in hand talking about your day.


Another great thing that can truly bring new life to your backyard is by planting a tree in it, you’ll literally be bringing a piece of life and nature to your backyard if you were to plant a tree. It’s a great place for your kids to hang swings on and build tree houses, and can also be used as a decorative item. When Christmas, Halloween or thanksgiving approaches closer.



Now this item is by far the cheapest and the most magnificent to really spice up the look of your backyard under a budget. First it can easily be availed at an astoundingly cheap rates from ASDA George Promo Codes and second it’ll help your garden twinkle in the midst of the night on all special occasions. Keeping a set of affordable lighting on hand will be one of the best bargain you ever make, especially! Since Halloween Season is approaching closer day by day. Use those set of lightings to create a beautiful and eerie display for the kids and adults to enjoy and completely change the look of backyard, by turning it into a haunted light display.

With that being said, the list for today’s garden revamping under a budget comes to an end. The ideas mentioned above are absolutely beautiful for you to utilize and are available for you to attain at an astoundingly low prices too, so unlike every year where one only pays attention to the inside of their house. Make sure to pour some artistic touch into your backyard and just take a step back to see, how it does wonders when combined with the look of your house.